5th gear mind & body | 10 caps

-26% 5th gear mind & body | 10 caps

5th gear mind & body | 10 caps


The 5th gear mind and body capsules are here to help you out when you need some extra focus and energy.

A small dosage gives you already a real nice focus for a long day, and a higher dosage gives you a boost to go on all night long !

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Usage and Effects

All you have to do is take a couple of the capsules with a glass of water about 30 minutes before you have to leave to start your day and then you’ll be ready to go. We guarantee that you’ll feel great when you take 5thgear capsules. There is no crash after a few hours; you’ll simply slowly come down, just as you would on a normal day. Your wind-down will usually come right around a normal dinner time, which is handy if you enjoy unwinding while eating and watching a show before you lie down for the night.

No need to wait. Your new little burst of energy is waiting for you at Focus Planet to get youup and running. You’ll love all the energy you get from taking 5thgear mind and body energy capsules. You will no doubt wonder where they have been your whole life. Order now!


Take 3 to 4 capsules in with sufficient water about 30 minutes before the desired effect. Do not take more than 4 capsules within 24 hours.

10 capsules.

Composition of 1 capsule: L-Tyrosin 40 mg, Synephrin 20 mg, Taurin 10 mg, ginseng, ginkgo, green tea, citrus aurantium, muira puama, gelatin capsule.

Do not use if you are younger than 18 years.
Do not use smart products during pregnancy.
Caution with emotional or psychological problems because the use of psychedelics can trigger these problems.
Caution with use of medication and alcohol, if in doubt consult your doctor.
Do not operate heavy machinery. Do not participate in traffic.
Always consult a doctor when in doubt about the condition of your health before or after the use of smart products.

Focus Planet cannot be held responsible for any consequences, damages and injuries.

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